JOYCE - A Place Call Home 家的感覺

JOYCE is located in the heart of the Joyce-Collingwood neighbourhood, just steps from the SkyTrain station at the corner of Joyce Street and Vanness Avenue. While the project is immediately adjacent to a key transit node in the area, it is designed to balance the vibrancy and activity of the area, creating a separation of space between the homes and the urban surroundings, that allows visitors and passerby to experience the activity of the neighbourhood while providing residents with the essential qualities that make a home.




Westbank: Building Artistry 建築藝術

Westbank was founded in 1992 and has a growing portfolio of signature properties in key North American cities. Their architecturally focused approach to the creation of luxury residences has made them Canada’s leading luxury residential real estate developer. Iconic Vancouver buildings include Vancouver House, Alberni by Kengo Kuma, Living Shangri-La Vancouver, Coal Harbour’s Shaw Tower, Fairmont Pacific Rim, TELUS Garden and the redevelopment of the legendary Woodward’s property.

The core of Westbank’s mission is to create a body of work with a high degree of artistry that helps foster more equitable and beautiful cities.  The Spacious, light filled and highly functional living spaces are refined with contemporary floorplans and generous patios designed to enhance everyday living for singles, couples and families.

成立於 1992年 Westbank 是北美頂級的物業發展商至今已開發超過 250億加幣的項目已建築設計 為主的方針 Westbank 成為加拿大首席發展商。位於溫哥華 的旗艦項目包括 Vancouver House、Alberni by Kengo Kuma、Living Shangri-La Vancouver、Coal Harbour’s Shaw Tower、Fairmont Pacific Rim、TELUS Garden及Woodward’s 重建項目。

西岸置業的核心使命是創造一批具有高度藝術性的建築作品,讓城市佈局更加合理,讓城市風景線更加優美。寬敞、明亮,和高度實用的居住空間與現代化的平面圖和寬闊的露台巧妙結合, 這樣的設計提高了每位住戶的日常居住體驗——無論對於單身人士,夫妻,還是家庭而言,皆舒適宜居。

Access to Everywhere 便捷交通

If you’re thinking of coming to Joyce-Collingwood, it’s easier than you imagined. JOYCE is located in the heart of the Joyce-Collingwood neighbourhood, just steps from the Joyce SkyTrain station at the corner of Joyce Street and Vanness Avenue. 3 minutes train ride will take you to the biggest mall in Burnaby - Metrotown. 12 minutes will take you to Downtown Vancouver.  32 minutes on transportation will take you to the Vancouver International Airport.  Approximately 45 minutes to both the Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia.

There are also 6 elementary schools, over 20 preschools and a dozen high schools within a 10 km radius of the Joyce-Collingwood SkyTrain Station. JOYCE brings new housing to the area, so that more families, students and residents of all kinds can enjoy this abundance of schools, parks and amenities, while adding new vitality to the community.

到達載絲-哥靈活,比你想像得更方便。天瑜位於載絲-哥靈活社區的中心地帶,離載絲大街和範內斯大道交叉處的 Joyce 天車站只有幾步之遙。坐三分鐘天車可達本拿比最大購物廣場Metrotown。坐十二分鐘天車到達溫哥華市中心。坐三十二分鐘公車可達加拿大國際機場。大概坐四十五分鐘天車可到西門菲莎大學及英屬哥倫比亞大學。

載絲-哥靈活社區擁有鱒魚湖,鹿湖和本比湖等幾個湖泊,由在附近、佔地222英畝的中央公園,到斯諾根,卡爾頓,爾艾斯,諾奎,加斯頓,倫弗魯和阿伯丁等較小型公園。載絲-哥靈活天車站10公里範圍內還有6間小學,20多間幼兒園和10間高中。 天瑜為該地區帶來新的居住空間,讓更多的家庭,學生和居民可以享受到豐富的學校,公園和設施,同時為社區增添新的活力。

State or the Art Interior 室內完善

The interior architecture of JOYCE evokes a quiet elegance coupled with a sense of playfulness. Inside each unit, the neutral tones of the large porcelain floor tile and the white oak kitchen envelope the home in warmth, drawing in the natural light from the expansive windows. The bathroom has been designed to create personal spa experiences. In addition, it comes with the luxury appliances - Miele and Kohler.

The public spaces are not only aesthetically elegant, but take into consideration the needs a family might have for amenity areas. These extensions to your home are found in the library space that overlooks downtown Vancouver, offering a quiet place to read above expansive views, or in large entertaining and kitchen area with patio garden, or in a music listening room, or in the private study rooms. Through thoughtful design, we have endeavored to incorporate not only exceptional aesthetics and accouterments for each space, but also to take into consideration the many potential types of spaces and flexibility of uses our residents may enjoy.





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