Located in Toronto North York, moments away from a major mobility hub by Fairview Mall
多倫多北約克 地鐵沿線 毗鄰大型商場 FAIRVIEW MALL地標項目

Verdé Condos is the newest release in FRAM’s successful Fairview Park master-planned community. Designed around a network of greenspace, unfurling to a lush, Community Park, Verdé offers a connection to nature unlike any other condominium experience. An abundance of connected greenspace imbues Fairview Park with a sense of community and energy that is felt throughout.

FRAM發展商在 Fairview Park 社區項目中成功地建設了全新項目 Verdé Condos。設計概念主要圍繞綠化地段,社區公園,為無求帶給住戶一個自然優化環境。令這個綠化社區更有活力。



便捷交通&方便 Major Mobility Hub & Convenience

Transit-oriented, Verdé is moments away from a major mobility hub: Don Mills Station with transit score of 85. From there, four other rapid transit modes are continually on hand, including the TTC Bus Rapid Transit, TTC Subway, York Region Rapid Transit and the future Light Rail Transit (LRT). What’s more, highways 404, 401 and the DVP are minutes from Verdé, offering even more ways to crisscross the GTA and beyond. After the completion of the LRT, residential real estate is going to grow.

By Verdé Condos, life's essentials are just footsteps away. Verdé puts residents steps away from Fairview Mall, one of Toronto’s largest shopping malls with over 175 retail stores, restaurants and services. The immediate area also boasts a public library, Canada Post outlet and a 4-storey health centre.

Verdé Condos 7.2畝 商場地鐡線項目是位置於多倫多 北約克Don Mills Rd. 夾 Sheppard Ave. E 的Fairview Mall 商場的北面,是多倫多的正中心點,鄰近 高速公路 Highway 401/404/DVP 十字型幹線交匯點 不論去國際機場、金融中心、五間大學 都可以17分鐘內到達,真正四通八達。

Verdé Condos 兩分鐘內可步行到 北約克東面 最大翻新擴充的地標商場 Fairview Mall 有着超過175間商店、食肆、服務業、電影院、葯房 及 圖書館, 更可封蓋式到達Don Mills 地鐡站。商場 5 分鐘內可封蓋式歩行到Don Mills 地鐡站及巴士交匯處,地鐡更25分鐘内可到達 約克大學,多倫多大學及金融中心。

大量工作及求學機會 A wealth of opportunities & Study

By Verdé Condos, there are over 34,661 jobs within a 6-minutes radius. There are two major employment districts near Verdé Condos - Consumers Road Employment District & Steeles & Victoria Park Business District. Some head offices includes American Express, IBM, HSBC, etc all set their foot here.  Not to mention, there are 8.3% annual employment rate growth in Toronto since 2015.  In addition, Seneca College is opening a new Newnham Campus by Verdé in late 2018. It will provide new space for 2,700 students. With both employment opportunity and college around, it would have a high rental demand around the area.

圍繞Verdé大概6分鐘的範圍内,有超過34,661工作職位。有主要鄰近兩大就業區 - Consumers Road Employment District 及 Steeles & Victoria Park Business District。就業區内包括American Express, IBM, HSBC總部等等。此外自2015年,多倫多就業率更每年有8.3%增長。Seneca 學院更會在2018年尾開新Newnham校園鄰近 Verdé,大概有2,700名學生。有見及此,這個區一定有更高的租務需求。

Exceptional Selling Feature 項目完善

Verdé is enveloped by an unprecedented, multi-use Community Park. The sprawling new park is punctuated with features that are designed to bring people, of all ages, together. From inviting children playground to a fitness centre, there is something for everyone. With the multi-use Community Park, it brings in higher economic value and environmental benefits for better living.

Verdé 將會建於一個大型多用途社區公園内。這個多用途社區公園有多項設施,例如健身中心,兒童遊樂場等等給不同年齡人仕。這個多用途社區公園及環境效益可帶給買家更高經濟價值及更好的生活。



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